A Modern Psalm 46 (in Kyiv, Ukraine)

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Because of this we won’t fear, even though the earth (and our window) trembles with the blast of cruise missiles, and drones fly into a mountain of homes, causing them to drop to a sea of rubble. Though global warming cause the waters to roar and be troubled, and though fracking and mining cause the mountains to shake with the digging therein.

There is a Holy River whose tributaries make the people in God’s outposts on earth very glad. It waters abundantly the place where God’s children walk about as living tabernacles.

God is in the center of these church-like God-cities. They won’t be deceived, God will help them, and immediately.

Godless people raged with protests and malatov cocktails; presidents and prime ministers exchange threats of nuclear and grab at country borders. God’s words have power and the earth cowers.

Come, see what God does. What destruction against the wickedness of human trafficking He has done.

His words make wars to stop all over the earth. He causes tanks to break down and His words disarm land mines and cause drones to crash prematurely. Vehicles of war burst into flame.

Be still and know that I am God: I will win every war, I will dominate the earth.

The Lord of His armies is right here with us: the God of righteous men is our refuge. Think on this.