Bad Dream

Someone I loved very much

Died in the stillness last night

My heart, my joy, and all my cells

Were dimmed of any light.

A kaleidoscope of sorrow,

Odd-mosaic of ill-sized pain,

A trek through a hunched mean forest

Where the body had been lain.

Confusion; moving stillness

The fog held such a loss,

I couldn’t understand the pain;

How to gold-cover this hard cross?

Wouldn’t meet our child.

Couldn’t touch his face.

Couldn’t go soul to soul again……



Like the breaking of a window

I woke to gasps of light

Sucked in the chance to love again

Sleep-fought the guardian of the night.

Someday this burden will be real

It’s humans’ pain, I know.

This time, the angel of death

Took him up-but let him go.

Love! I will love and love,

I will be greedy of this chance.

Why do sweetness and sorrow

Sway together when they dance?

I must stop the inward mumbling

Of when things don’t seem all right

I will reach for joy and laughter

But I won’t forget the night.

Written Jan 17, 2022 after a nightmare.