Song Of Alisa

Chapter 1  


V. 1. Lord Of The Spring, You have mounted my heart in a setting of apple blossoms and quieted my thirst with flagons of beauty: that is, draughts of this warm wind blowing through my garden with such sweet intoxications. I would that I were a bee, able to plunge into the center of all and come out bearing the sweetness.

V. 2 I desire to be some small flower or noisome bird or wriggling worm, working in the laughter of Thy love. To bend and bow and hold Thy Light: to stand on tiptoe, and to offer it back to Thee. To be a tulip in  your garden  among the spices of Thy Presence. To be a tree designing fruit to hold Your Light.

Chapter 2


V. 1. I need You as a child longs for milk. I desire to be held in the tent of Your arms. My heart cries after You, “Hide Yourself no more!” You are as a tower of ivory to me and I run with pleasure into Your safety. You draw me in and cloth me with miraculous acceptance. You place a feast before me, but how can I eat, while I am looking on at You? You are bread and meat to me and I will have no other. Lock my heart,Oh Lord! Seal me unto Thee. I will not sleep among the lilies when I am to be awake unto You.

V. 2.  I search for You among the tulips and find You, finally, in the  violent redness of their stained glass cups. I see You in the  cadmium flowers set in the emerald grasses and in the rain of quiet falling flowers.I find You in the evening light shattering into golden fairness the forest tops, and leaping in amongst the rocks, turning ordinary places  into dazzling holiness. I hear You calling, calling, calling through the windows- drawing me to You.

V. 3. My Beloved, my fire is burning toward You as the desire of a bride who awaits the groom.You, the Prince, and I, Your happy maiden. You are altogether beautiful to me; there is no spot on Thee. You are the Jewel of great price and I would have Thee. As the mother that cannot be contained from her child, as a scribe whose fingers burn without a paper, as a tired man who shakes for rest, as a fish who writhes for water:so I bend with longing  for You.

Chapter 3

A going forth

V. 1. As an army charging down into the valley,I am charging after Thee.Though you slay me, I will follow hard.

V. 2. Oh people! Rise with me! Let us go toward the mountain of our God. 

( Inspired by, and patterned after the Biblical book, “Song of Solomon” . Also, other quotations from The Bible are alluded to throughout the text. )