Stretched Upon A Night Sidewalk, Looking Up

I am a savage

I am a sheathed sword

(pocketed, sedated, out-of-touch;unfriended from the intoxicated, mercurial air)

But not for long.

A pirate with a knife beween the teeth and a roaring in the bones;a million, billion stories still to come, a thousand thoughts to think.

Can I wear the moon as a wrap about my head-the earth oceaning itself around me- stretched like the swaddle on a fresh baby- and not lift off?

If I lie still-very,very,very still-and lose the weight of time, my heart beats with the slow, slow, slow rythms of this old, old, old world.

& with the running beat of things alive.I am both young and ancient all in one.

I get up;I am a pyramid.And drink tea.

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